Follow-up Texas AFT surveys show more classroom damage on the way due to state budget cuts

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School employees vow to be more active
in electing lawmakers to reverse the cuts

Two new Texas AFT surveys reveal the continuing damage—larger class  sizes, loss of key services for struggling students and increased  discipline problems—done by $5.4 billion in state cuts to public  education while also highlighting the intent of school employees to be  more politically active in support of candidates who pledge to reverse  the cuts.

The new surveys focused especially on impacts expected in the  2012-2013 school year, which is year two of the cuts enacted in 2011.  Responses to the surveys from school employees and superintendents alike  indicate that conditions for learning and teaching in Texas classrooms  continue to deteriorate as a result of the 2011 budget cuts, employee  morale continues to decline accordingly, and students face  ever-increasing class sizes as further layoffs loom.

“The bottom line of both surveys is that the budget cuts of 2011 are  doing lasting damage in our classrooms,” said Texas AFT President Linda  Bridges.

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