Excessive Testing Questionnaire – TIME SENSITIVE

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Dear Teacher,

The Alliance leaders and staff have heard several concerns about excessive testing. On Tues., February 26th, the Alliance held a forum to discuss excessive testing and gain a clearer understanding of what is being expected district wide versus at specific campuses.

A task force of SAISD teachers was created and we developed a survey to gather additional input based on the concerns brought forth in the meeting. We are looking for solutions and need your help. Please click here https://leadernet.aft.org/webform/excessive-testing-questionnaire and take a few minutes to complete the short survey.

The survey will close on Thurs., April 10th. It is anonymous and all results will be used in a collaborative effort with the district to find solutions to this concern.

Should you have any questions, please contact the Alliance Office at (210) 225-7174.