Employees do not have to request approval to use leave days

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SAISD employees are not required to request approval in order to use leave days.  The Alliance Consultation Team reported at the Consultation meeting that a number of worksites are requiring employees to submit a form to get approval from their principal or supervisor in order to use their leave days.  

Irma Hernandez, Director of Employee Benefits, verified that approval is not
required in order for an employee to use their existing leave days nor is there
a required form.  Additionally, when using personal leave days, an employee is not required to report the specific reason for the use of the leave day(s).

The Administration’s Consultation Team asked that the Alliance provide some samples of the forms being used.  If your campus or worksite is requiring the submission of a form to get approval to use leave days, please send a copy of the form to the Alliance Office.  Please note the campus or worksite on the form. Some campuses use a form that goes to the person doing payroll for the purpose of making sure the absence is coded correctly.  This is permissible.