Elections Matter

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In recent weeks, hundreds of AFT members have visited the AFT Elections Matter page and submitted comments on what they think the largest issue facing our country is right now. The answers address a wide range of topics, but job creation and the economy are clearly the top concerns, as they are for the country as a whole.

The AFT want to keep hearing from you about the 2012 elections! Answer the newest AFT Voices question:

“As part of the recent deal to temporarily raise the debt ceiling, a congressional ‘super committee’ was created to recommend ways to reduce federal spending and lower the deficit. What recommendations do you think this committee should make?”

As the debate in Washington continues, what is clear is that the ultimate decisions will have an impact on you, your family, your community and your workplace—and your voice needs to be heard.

Tell us what you think the congressional super committee should recommend by answering the new AFT Voices question.