Early Release Day Guidelines

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In August and again last week, Deputy Superintendent Emilio Castro sent principals a memo regarding early release days. Click here for the memo:

Campuses are not required to fit every single subject into the school day, as long as instruction is the focus of the four hours of the day. Campuses are encouraged to use their creativity to structure a day that is engaging for students. Many campuses had poor attendance on early release days last school year. If the day is designed so that it is fun and exciting and something students won’t want to miss, attendance will improve.

The time after the students leave is to be used, at the individual teacher’s discretion, for planning and collaboration. Principals must ensure that all teachers receive their state-mandated 450 minutes of planning/prep time in a two-week period. This may require adjustments to the schedule on the early release day or in the weeks before or after the early release day.