Don’t let lawmakers silence your voice!

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Some powerful politicians at the state level want to silence the voices of Texas public school employees. The vehicle for silencing you is Senate Bill 13, which would take away your right to pay your union dues through payroll deduction. The goal is to weaken our collective voice and shut school employees up.

If SB 13 passes, Alliance Members will not be able to pay their Alliance dues via SAISD payroll deduction beginning September 1st. We do not want to be in crisis mode at that time. We cannot wait until the end of May, when the legislative session ends, to see if the bill passes. Trying to get 2600 members signed up for electronic payments at that time, before you leave for the summer, would be an enormous feat.

If the bill passes, we would trigger our electronic payment system beginning in Sept. 2017. Many of you are probably used to making payments for utilities and other bills via electronic funds transfers. The secure, online system we will be working through for the electronic payments is Blue Pay. Our plan is to set up the draw of members’ dues the day after their SAISD payroll date.

We need you to act now to convert to our electronic dues payment system. We will only trigger this system if the bill passes. The easiest way to convert to the electronic system is to sign this form authorizing SAISD to transfer your banking info (bank routing number and account number), which they already have on file for direct deposit, from their system to our system. We will only submit this form to SAISD if the legislation passes that would limit your ability to pay your union dues via payroll deduction. Again, you can find the form here.

(As an alternative to the authorization form, you may go to and enter your info for electronic payments there. You will need your account number and bank routing number, which can be found on a check, your banking app on your phone, or via online search. Again, we would only trigger this system, beginning in Sept. 2017, if the legislation passes.)