District looks to move to electronic discipline referral process

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SAISD Administration is working to improve and update its Review 360 behavior tracking system to establish a completely online discipline referral process. At the September meeting of the SAISD Student Behavior Task Force, administration asked Alliance leaders to work with central office staff to review the prototype, with the goal of rolling out the system district-wide later in the fall. The Alliance will involve a group of teachers in the review.

The new system will remove the need to complete paper discipline referrals. Teachers will have an online dashboard on which they can track all discipline referrals from their classroom. Over past years, large numbers of teachers have reported to the Alliance that they are not getting discipline referrals back with the “Administrative Action Taken” section completed within five working days as required by SAISD administrative procedures. The online dashboard will help with this communication as the teacher will be able to see that the referral was reviewed and responded to.

Once the prototype has been reviewed and any changes made, training and information sessions will be forthcoming.

(The SAISD Student Behavior Task Force was formed two years ago as an offshoot of Consultation.)