Discussions on student behavior, discipline referrals, RtI process continue

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The topics of student behavior, discipline referrals, and the RtI process have been the major focus of several district committees and sub-committees this school year.  There is considerable interface between the work of the groups.

The Policy Review Committee, on which Alliance president Shelley Potter and executive vice president Gracie Oviedo serve, has been discussing the administrative procedure for the RtI process. Concerns that have surfaced through that committee include that students are not getting the help they need, the process is cumbersome and too slow, there is lack of consistency with regard to decisions about immediate referral to Tier III, and logistics that are causing obstacles to moving the process forward.

The Student Discipline Task Force has focused on student behavior in early childhood (PK-2nd grade).  This discussion has dovetailed with the Policy Review Committee discussion on RtI.  The group has discussed the importance of early intervention.