Getting Ahead On 2019 Texas Lege Issues

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It’s never too late to arm yourself with information, particularly as it relates to the Texas Legislature’s ability and desire to shape our state’s education agenda. Funding remains a top issue, of course, but looking at Speaker Joe Straus’ priorities gives us some insight as to what the Lege will choose to emphasize in 2o19. Texas AFT has compiled a relevant list of interim study assignments. You can also check out our Issues page for … Read More

Early Voting Starts TODAY for the November 7 Election!

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You can vote early from October 23 through November 3. There are a number of critical constitutional amendments on the ballot. You can find Texas AFT’s positions on these amendments here. Your polling place is listed on your voter registration card, but you can vote at ANY of the early polling locations throughout Bexar County. Find your polling place, early vote locations, hours, sample ballots, and everything pertaining to the 2017 election on the Bexar … Read More

Crisis Resources for Teachers and Staff

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Sadly, educators often find themselves on the front lines when it comes to dealing with traumatic events. Share My Lesson has some useful resources for SAISD teachers and staff who may be tasked with helping students process tragedy. Head over to their website if you’d like to read more.                      


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As you know, on September 5, the President rescinded DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals) and stripped legal status of young immigrants who have lived in the United States since childhood.  We have many SAISD students, as well as some teachers and staff, who are DACAmented and therefore drastically impacted by this decision. These are our kids and our colleagues. Doubtlessly the last few weeks have been stressful for our DACAmented students and staff, but … Read More

Important Info for Our DACAmented Students and Staff

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On Tuesday, Sept. 5th, the President is expected to make an announcement regarding DACA. There are some reports that President Trump may end the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program.  At this time, we do not know when or if the DACA program will be terminated or what the end of the program may look like. For example, will those with DACA continue to be protected from deportation and able to use their work permits until … Read More