ACTION At Will Hurd’s Office December 14!

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Want to let your Member of Congress know how you feel about DREAMers and DACAmented students, staff, and friends? TSTA (one of our affiliates) will be at Congressman Will Hurd’s office (17721 Rogers Ranch Parkway) on Thursday, Dec. 14 at 5 PM in support of a clean Dream Act. Note that Rep. Hurd is in one of the ONLY swing districts in Texas (TX-23) and is particularly vulnerable during the next election cycle. Make your … Read More

October and November Consultation Updates Are HERE!

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**NOTE: Post will be updated when the late November update is prepared** Looking to see what happened in October at Consultation? Itching to know what’s going on with the 2018-19 calendar discussions? Click on the links and read to your heart’s content!   October 2017 Special Calendar Consultation (November 2017)

The ACA and Teacher Tax Deductions Are At Risk!

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Not only does the current tax bill in Congress eliminate the┬áteacher tax deduction, but Republicans in the Senate have also added a provision that would do away with the individual mandate of the Affordable Care Act. What does this mean for you? No more deductions for supplies or purchases you may make to assist your students. Insurance premiums will skyrocket. In the end, your costs will rise. Enjoy your health care? Enjoy your profession? Have … Read More

Getting Ahead On 2019 Texas Lege Issues

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It’s never too late to arm yourself with information, particularly as it relates to the Texas Legislature’s ability and desire to shape our state’s education agenda. Funding remains a top issue, of course, but looking at Speaker Joe Straus’ priorities gives us some insight as to what the Lege will choose to emphasize in 2o19. Texas AFT has compiled a relevant list of interim study assignments. You can also check out our Issues page for … Read More