Corporal Punishment & Other Inappropriate Discipline Techniques

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According to SAISD School Board Policy FO (Local), “The Board prohibits the use of corporal punishment in the District.  You can find more specifics in SAISD Administrative Procedures F29: “In our daily contact with students, all District employees are expected to serve as role models as responsible, caring adults who treat all individuals with dignity and respect. In this light, every employee must be able to distinguish between appropriate
and inappropriate use of physical contact or force.”

  • The Board defines corporal punishment as discipline management involving physical contact with the student. Generally corporal punishment may include, but is not limited to, such actions as spanking, paddling, grabbing, shaking, or pushing a student. Under no circumstances shall an employee use any of these actions when disciplining a student.
  • The principal shall delineate other discipline techniques which are considered inappropriate on the campus. In general, employees shall avoid techniques which may cause physical or emotional harm or distress, even if the employee is not in physical contact with the student. Some inappropriate punishment techniques for behavior violations may include, but not be limited to, the following examples:
    • Requiring a student to stand for a period time without sitting;
    • Requiring a student to stand and hold books for a period time without relief;
    • Requiring a student to engage in physical activity
      as a discipline technique;
    • Subjecting a student to ridicule;
    • Requiring a student to write “lines”;
    • Ordering a student to leave the classroom without a proper
      discipline referral;
    • Requiring a student to work in an unsupervised setting (e.g., in the hallway, etc.); and
    • Denying a student access to lunch, prescribed medication, or bathroom breaks