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  1. Are we required to read a book over the summer and be responsible to present the first day back to the campus? Also are we required to present our data from last year on the first day back ? And do we only have Monday and Tuesday of this week to work in our classroom?? These are things that are being told to us at my campus ..

  2. Good afternoon,

    My name is Adam Rodriguez and I’m currently a custodian with SAISD. I was provided the San Antonio Alliance. org site as a possible resource on an issue I’m having. I’m currently requesting assistance on having my schedule flexed for an hour this semester. But I was told this was not an option for me, does SA alliance provide union support for custodians, and is this even an issue you can help me with. I find it so ironic that SAISD promotes growth for children during school but not their employees.

  3. This message is for my Rep, Rachel Martinez:
    I work with SAISD Transportation Dept and today we had our route picks for this coming school year. Today I sat there from 7 am to 11 am before I decided to leave after being ignored by Supervisors and coordinators about me getting my route. Needless to say I didn’t get a route, and I have been there a year. New drivers were hired and placed on routes while 8 of us were left with no routes/work. Our seniority was placed on the back burner and we were pushed aside so that the new drivers had a job. My seniority as well as the others affected made no difference in their decision. Also, I was placed the lowest of ranking for reasons unknown, (they claimed absences even though they were excused) even though I worked my route, did field trips, covered missing drivers on their routes, and worked some weekends as well as last minute uncovered trips. I feel that somewhere someone (Mr. Sorois) is making sure to suppress my opportunity for work because I applied for a higher position job last year (which he had to be used as an immediate reference) and that I have to attend my VA disability/healthcare appointments. My refusal to do a lot of extra work had to do with my VA appointments and my disability.

    Tomorrow morning I plan on showing up to see if they now have the time to talk to me about my options about work. They made me feel that I was trash and wasn’t worth talking to today and I left before I did something bad. I was under immense stress to deal with that kind of blatant ignorance.

    Please call me when you can to see if anything can be done about this or if I need to file a complaint with HR.

    Thanks for your time.

    1. Hi Suzette. Oct. 21st is a teacher workday, but some administrators have elected to use that time for other purposes. If you have concerns about your school’s plans for the day, please get in touch with our office at 210.225.7174.

  4. Is there a cap on the number of students in the prek classroom? I currently have 23, four year olds, and from 12pm on I get 2 more (soon to be 3 more) students that do inclusion in my room…for a total of 26 students. I’ve got one permanment assistant, but this is way too many kids for one room.

  5. How can we be assessed based off community involvement when the involvement is required after working hours for example Fall Fest (5pm-7pm, Library Night 5-8pm.)? Teachers are not expected to be on call 24 hours a day and some have to work a 2nd job or have families of their own. If T-Tess and the community involvement were so important why not provide this during teacher working hours?
    Thank you. This is w SAISD

  6. I am not a member yet because I am concerned of the cost per month, but I have an issue at my school that I need assistance with. Is there any way to at least seek advice still?

    1. Marc, being a member of the alliance is worth it. If you’re looking for free advice, talk to someone on the street. If you want good advice, someone to back you up, provide you training to succeed and excel at your job then join the union.

  7. I teach high school Social Studies and coach football. At the beginning of the year I had 4 classes a collaboration period, a conference period and 2 athletic periods for coaching football. I have been given an additional class and now I my conference period is at the same time as my athletic period. How can I be with my athletes and have my conference period at the same time? I am new to teaching in Texas and this does not make sense. Is there someone I can talk to about this or what if anything can be done?

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