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Consultation is a formal process recognized in SAISD Board Policy in order for the district to “consult with District teachers on matters concerning educational policy and conditions of employment.” Our union is the elected organization that represents employees in this process.

How does the process work?

A monthly Issues Meeting featuring officers and organizers gleans information from organizers, site visits, task force meetings, rep assemblies, and general member meetings. Data from surveys or trends in district wide issues are discussed. Decisions are made for items to handle by individual campus or district-wide issues to take to consultation.

The Consultation Action Team (CAT) discusses this information, hammers down the details, and researches data focusing on members’ core concerns.

The Alliance Consultation Committee receives the information from CAT and prepares it for presentation.

During the SAISD Monthly Consultation Meeting, the Alliance Consultation Committee uses the research to advocate on behalf of employees to the district and, ultimately, the School Board. 

In short, Consultation (for both Para-Professional/Classified support staff and Professional staff) is our membership’s greatest opportunity to problem solve and advocate for improving our work environment, especially for our students and the community at large.

How can I get more involved?

JOIN the Consultation Action Team! We’re looking for engaged, concerned Alliance members to help us address member concerns and make SAISD schools the BEST they can be. But we need YOU! Interested? Fill out this form.

For the most current information on CAT meetings, Consultation, Board information, and other events, take a look at our calendar.