COLOSO Clarification from Alliance President and SAISD Superintendent

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Last Friday, Superintendent Martinez and Alliance president Shelley Potter sent teachers and principals a joint message about COLOSO. The message clarifies that teachers are not required to post COLOSO, that the E3 capture tool is non-evaluative, and several other important points. Click here to view the letter.

Highlights from the letter include:

  • Teachers are not required to post COLOSO.
  • As per state law, teachers are allowed to write the content objectives in a manner that meets the definition of “brief and general.”
  • Any future observations around implementation of GRR and COLOSO will be performed in a manner that is unobtrusive.
  • Team members will not interrupt instruction and teachers will know ahead of time who is participating in these team observations, what the purpose is, what information is being gathered and how it will be used.
  • E3 capture tool is non-evaluative and will not be connected to T-TESS or any of the documentation within the appraisal process.

If you are an Alliance Member and have any questions, please contact us at the Alliance Office at (210) 225-7174.