Bond Update

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The Alliance Team requested a Bond Update from Kamal ElHabr, Assoc. Superintendent for Facilities Services.  The request was prompted by a recent article in the Express-News, stating that the district was short $5.3 million in funds.  In his report Mr. ElHabr said, “Four projects are over budget due to increased costs in the construction industry, not due to changes in the scope of work.  The $5.3 million will come out of interest from previous bonds and possibly the local special revenue fund.” 

The Alliance Team also requested an update for Alamo Stadium, since the construction there has frequently inconvenienced Transportation employees (open trenches, plumbing issues, etc.).

The administration said that currently there is trenching from the bus parking lot to across the street towards Trinity University.  It should be done within ten working days so the buses were moved to Burbank until the work is finished.  The Alamo Gym should be ready in December, and the Stadium will be completed and ready for next year.

The discussion also covered the building of a new Plant Maintenance and Transportation
Terminal site.  Mr. ElHabr stated: “The Roland property deal fell through, so that property is back on the table for a Transportation facility for Satellite Site 2, which was not originally in the bond.  The Master Plan is complete, and development will take several months. The district would like to begin construction next summer.”  Rachel Martinez asked, “Will employees be able to have input before the site recommendations are completed?”  Mr. ElHabr said they will be coming to employees for input via a building committee in November.