Are You With Us?

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In the last legislative session, public schools in Texas endured an unprecedented assault. That same year, school employees across Texas rallied the Capitol grounds to get public education back on track. Our work is not done. Texas is a wealthy state. We have the ability-if we have the will-to do more than give lip service to public education as the state’s top priority.

Join the Alliance, along with educators across the state, as we travel to the State Capitol on March 11, 2013 to demand accountability from our elected officials. Here’s what we’re fighting for:

Success for our students:

  • Create Meaningful Accountability
  • Improve Discipline, Safety, Health
  • Assure Quality Education for All

Funding for our schools:

  • Restore Funding Now
  • Fix the Structural Shortfall
  • Assure Sufficient Funding, Equitably Distributed

Respect for school employees:

  • Guarantee A Voice in Local Policy-Making
  • Defend Due Process and Employee Rights
  • Provide A Living Wage
  • Better Pensions and Health Care

Let’s get Texas education back on track! Are you with us?

Lobby Day Details:

Who: San Antonio School Employees

What: Lobby Day 2013

Where: Texas State Capitol (Austin, TX)

When: Mon., March 11, 2013

Additional Information: Please print this form (click here) and return to the Alliance. The cost of the trip is $5 and it includes a roundtrip bus ride from San Antonio to Austin, along with lunch. For more information, please contact the Alliance at 225-7174.