Are you Cat in the Hat material?!

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Alliance Members: Would you like to be a Cat in the Hat for our Read Across America celebration, which will be on Friday, Feb. 28th?  This is a day to celebrate the importance of and joy of reading.  Teams consisting of a Cat, Thing 1 or Thing 2, a driver, and an assistant visit SAISD schools to promote reading. What does it take to be a Cat in the Hat? Due to the trickiness of deep breathing in the Cat mask and the fact that the long-sleeve costume can get hot, potential Cats need:

  • High energy level
  • Physical fitness
  • Stamina
  • Ability to be silly

The Cats dance, run, jump, and generally spread fun and joy.  The looks on children’s faces, the notes and pictures they give the Cat, and their reactions make being a Cat rewarding.

The Alliance coordinates with the district for your release day on Feb. 28th.  Last school year, we had six teams visit 40 schools for Read Across America.  The number of schools we can visit is dependent on the number of Cat volunteers we have.

We also need volunteers to be Thing 1 and Thing 2.  While the Cat is the main attraction, the Things also dance, jump, etc. and it’s not quite as taxing physically because the Things do not have the challenge of breathing under a mask.

If you are interested in being a Cat or a Thing for Read Across America, please email, or call the Alliance Office at 210-225-7174.