Alternative Appraisal Process

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Deadline for the Alternative Appraisal Request form is Friday, October 26th. To access the 2012-13 Alternate Appraisal Process Request Form, the 2012-13 Teacher Appraisal Calendar and the 2012-13 Employee Appraisal Calendar, please visit the Eduphoria/EASy System and then click on Reference Documents. The Teacher Self-Report I and II are uploaded under Evaluation Documents.

The Alternate Appraisal form is signed only when the teacher is eligible. During this 3-year period, teachers do not need to resubmit the form. After the 3 years are completed, the teacher moves back to the Standard Appraisal Process for 1 year. Then the teacher is eligible again the following year for an Alternate Appraisal, but a form must be filled out again.

Each campus administrator is required to go into the Eduphoria/EASy System and click on the teacher’s name and then select the Appraisal Form (SAP or AAP). If a teacher is eligible for the Alternate Appraisal Process, the principal will click on the name of the teacher and then the teacher can access the form. Each year, the principal is provided with the current Campus Appraisal Listing. This report lists each teacher assigned full time to the campus and the type of appraisal process he or she can be on and the year.

On September 18th, Human Resources sent principals a Campus Appraisal Report and other appraisal documents, including a teacher calendar. The Campus Appraisal Report is updated throughout the year, as teachers may be moved/leveled or if there is a new hire.

If teachers are not able to get online, even though the principal has opened his or her record, they can contact either Cynde Solis or Letty Orozco-Espinoza in Human Resources at 210-554-8455 or email or and they will provide assistance.

Note: Alternate Appraisals are only available for continuing contract or term-contract teachers who have received at least proficient in all domains on their most recent SAP.