Alliance President Shelley Potter’s op-ed from Express-News

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SAN ANTONIO — It’s fitting to discuss charter schools as we’re celebrating the life of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Dr. King would surely disapprove of corporate charter chains, such as BASIS and Great Hearts, using taxpayer money to create enclaves for privileged students that look and act very much like elite private schools, all the while calling themselves “public” schools.

What a distortion of the original idea of charters, which was that groups of teachers and parents, within a public school, would propose doing something different to reach students most in need.

While there are a few community-based charters that have stayed true to this original mission, many, many more charters have simply figured out a way to siphon off public money for their own purposes. Corporate charter proponents set themselves up as competitors to public schools and set out to discredit public schools through a three-step agenda: starve public schools, criticize them, then privatize them. Read More