No Premium Increase to Employees for SAISD Health Insurance

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On June 20, 2011, the SAISD Administration recommended and the SAISD Board of
Trustees approved the renewal of the district health insurance program with no premium increase to employees on any of the district health insurance plans (Coverage 1st 2000, Coverage 1st 1000, POS 300, or HMO).  There was no loss of benefits, i.e., no increases to deductibles, co-pays, etc.  The San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel supported the recommendation and was the only organization present at the Board meeting.

While the total premiums increased, the employee portion did not because the district
picked up the full cost of the premium increase.  In a year with an extremely tight budget, due to the actions of the State Legislature, this is a major accomplishment.  The Alliance thanks Irma Hernandez (SAISD Director of Employee Benefits/Risk Management), the School Board, Wortham (the district’s insurance consultant), and the Alliance members who represent you on the SAISD Employee Benefits Committee. The committee worked diligently over many hours.  The committee’s focus on wellness and prevention over the past several years has paid off in terms of smaller rate increases over that time.

The district contribution to the health insurance program now totals $33,615,003.  Employees contribute $7,770,476.

The effective renewal date for the health insurance is November 1, 2011.  Enrollment information from the district will be forthcoming.

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