Alliance 2013-14 Rep Elections

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From May 22-31, elections will take place for Alliance Reps for the 2013-14 school year.  Under the Alliance bylaws, sites are entitled to one AR per twenty members or major fraction thereof.  Every site is guaranteed at least one AR.  Members who would like their names on the ballot are to notify one of their current Alliance Reps by Monday, May 20.  This will be a secret ballot election. Ballots are to be counted with all candidates invited to be present. 

Besides being the Alliance leaders at the worksites, the Alliance Reps are an important part of the governance of the union.  ARs have responsibility to attend the five Representative Assemblies held during the year.  The Representative Assembly approves the Alliance budget, recommends policies and procedures to the Executive Council, and communicates issues, concerns, and needs from their respective sites.

If you are considering running but wonder if you can handle the role, never fear!  The Alliance staff will provide training and support to help ARs with understanding and learning their role.  Also, our Alliance Organizers have summer lunches with the ARs in small groups, which gives you the chance, in an informal setting, to talk about your role as AR.

If you have any questions, please contact the Alliance office at 225-7174 to talk with one of the Alliance Organizers.