AFT aims to ‘reclaim the promise of public education’

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AFT president Randi Weingarten laid a bold marker in the “education wars” that have resulted in frustration and fatigue over competing theories of reform. Speaking July 22 to nearly 3,000 educators attending TEACH, Weingarten noted that the goal of a great public education for every child has never been totally fulfilled, which some have used as an excuse to abandon that aspiration and “to deep-six the entire franchise.” She called on educators to join with parents and community partners throughout the country in an effort to reclaim the promise of public education and, in so doing, to fulfill our collective responsibility to enable individual opportunity for all children. “Reclaiming the promise will bring back the joy of teaching and learning. It’s the way to make every public school a place where parents want to send their kids, teachers want to teach and children are engaged.” Read More