Administration Presents Salary Proposal to School Board

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At Monday night’s school board meeting, the administration presented their initial proposal for salaries for the 2015-16 school year. The proposal is preliminary given that the Texas Legislature is still in session and has not made decisions about school funding. The proposed base increase is as follows:

Teachers — Average increase would be 3.7%. Minimum increase would be 2.6%. Starting salary of $50,000. (See additional details below)

Paras and classified — Increase of 4% of midpoint for each category.

All other employees — Increase of 2.5%

The proposal also included two supplements:

Retention Supplement — $200 to be paid before Winter Break for all employees who have earned a year of service for this school year and are back next school year. (More specific guidelines will be forthcoming.)

Longevity Supplement — $500 for all employees after 15 years of service.

Adjustments to middle section of teacher salary range proposed

Over the past couple of years, the district has focused on the 0-5 years of experience section of the teacher salary range. This year, the administration proposes to focus attention on the 6-25 years of experience section. While the proposed average increase for teachers is 3.7%, the percentage by years of experience would vary. The weighted increase by 5-year increments under the proposal would be as follows:

1-5 years: 2.9%
6-10 years: 3.9%
11-15 years: 4.8%
16-20 years: 5.7%
21-25 years: 4.2%
26-30 years: 3.0%
31+ years: 3.0%

Salary discussions will continue. As the state legislative session continues, the state funding for school districts will become clearer. Our Alliance will keep you updated. Please send any feedback regarding the administration’s salary proposal to