A Message to SAISD Teachers

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Below is a message to SAISD teachers from our San Antonio Alliance President, Shelley Potter:

Many teachers have contacted our leaders and our office about the email sent by Deputy Superintendent Weber and Associate Superintendent Riggs Wednesday afternoon. Our union leaders and staff have heard your concerns. We know how frustrated and overwhelmed many of you are.

I want to update you as to steps we have taken, as your Consultation representative, to try to resolve the concerns regarding COLOSO:

  • On August 25, Alliance Executive Vice President Gracie Oviedo and I met with Deputy Superintendent Weber and Associate Superintendent Riggs regarding instructional issues, including COLOSO.
  • On Sept. 8 and 13, I discussed COLOSO concerns with Superintendent Martinez.
  • At the Sept. 13 Consultation meeting with the district we discussed COLOSO.
  • There have also been countless emails between our union leaders and district administration, as well as with campus administration.

Repeatedly in these meetings and communications the district administration told us that they were not requiring COLOSO to be posted. We told administration that we would pass that information on to you, which we did.  Our Alliance staff worked with many of you to address COLOSO implementation at your campuses. We also conducted a survey of our Alliance Reps and presented overall results to district administration so that they could see from the responses how confused, overwhelmed, and frustrated teachers are. Then Wednesday the district administration sent out the email saying COLOSO should be posted, which completely conflicts with what they had been telling us.

Our Alliance leaders are currently working on actions to take. Watch for an email from our Alliance on Monday or Tuesday detailing those actions and how you can get involved. The implementation of COLOSO without clear guidance for principals or teachers and without appropriate training is negatively impacting classroom instruction. If principals and teachers are confused, children will be confused.  That we are four weeks into the instructional year with the lack of clarity that has existed, and continues to exist, around COLOSO is completely unacceptable.

I personally want to thank all of you for all that you do for our SAISD students. Never forget that you make a difference every single day. Your voices have been heard and we will be in touch Monday or Tuesday with next steps.

In Solidarity,

Shelley Potter, President

San Antonio Alliance of Teachers and Support Personnel