2016-17 San Antonio Alliance Executive Council

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Position Person
President Shelley Potter
Exec VP Rachel Martinez
Exec VP Gracie Oviedo
Secretary VACANT
Treasurer Cynthia Paredes, Bexar County Juvenile Detention Center
MS Rep Cathy Hazzard, Longfellow MS
ES Rep Claudine Robinson, Herff ES
Non-Classroom Professional Rep Tina Duffy, Longfellow MS
Paraprofessional Rep Jack Crum, Beacon Hill ES
Paraprofessional Rep Cheryl Solis, Rogers MS
Classified Rep VACANT
Classified Rep Terry Armstrong, Maintenance Dept.

Be part of a movement that is about achieving REAL RESULTS for our students and our community! If you are already an Alliance Member, get move involved! Become a part of the monthly discussions we have with the District and join our Alliance Consultation Advisory Committee that advises our Consultation Team. For more information or to join, please email our Alliance president Shelley Potter at shelleyp@aol.com.