134th Annual TSTA Convention

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The 134th Annual TSTA Convention was held in Houston, Texas. It was a great turn out for the San Antonio Alliance.  Collectively, we were able to get four new business items passed that will help our members.

  • Our Pre-Kindergarten and Head Start teachers will be happy to know that we were thinking of them when we passed a new business item by adding language into the TSTA Legislative Program supporting the establishment of a class size cap of 15 students for pre-kindergarten classes. 
  • Our Special Education employees will be proud to know that we heard their frustration and asked our state affiliate to schedule regional workshops during the 2013-14 school year providing guidance to members and locals regarding the implementation of IDEA with a focus on what is actually required versus district interpretation of what is required.  We think this training will help us as a local as we focus on getting real results for our students in SAISD.
  • Our support personnel will be glad that we heard their voice by asking TSTA to make all TSTA locals aware of the importance of ensuring that all school employees and substitutes are included in annual training programs to prevent, recognize and respond to school violence.  Workplace violence prevention programs and safety drills and emergency preparedness programs (i.e. lockdowns) in many districts leave out some employees and substitutes and some separate areas such as cafeteria kitchens.  We hope this awareness will lead to change in districts across the state.
  • We also shared with the state our pride in our Books Build Character campaign to distribute new books to every child in SAISD, many of whom have few, if any, books of their own.  We asked TSTA to assist locals that choose to participate with First Book to distribute new books to students by notifying and encouraging vendors, with whom TSTA has a relationship, of the opportunity to contribute to such initiatives.  We hope this will get us the much-needed donations to allow us to distribute more books to our students this year and into next year.

 The Alliance was also awarded with several awards:

  • First place plaque for the best web site by a local over 1000 members
  • First place plaque for the best newsletter by a local with over 1000 members
  • First place plaque for local with the greatest numerical increase in professional members
  • Certificate for third place for local with greatest numerical increase in ESP membership
  • “Iggy” trophy for increase in TSTA PAC contributions

The Alliance would like to thank all of our TSTA Delegates for their participation!