“No Profit Left Behind.”

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That’s the title of a blockbuster piece published yesterday in Politico. After more than six months of investigative journalism, reporter Stephanie Simon uncovers how education giant Pearson rakes in huge profits on everything from standardized tests to curricula to online learning—even when the company falls short of the goals in its contracts.

We need your help to get this important piece of journalism to as many people as we can. As the article says, “The story of Pearson’s rise is very much a story about America’s obsession with education reform over the past few decades.”

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“No profit left behind.” Must read expose on how @Pearson profits off our schools via @StephanieSimon_

You may not have heard of @Pearson, but you should know what they’re doing to our schools via @StephanieSimon_

.@Pearson is making money off our schools, even when the results don’t add up, via @StephanieSimon_

The largest education company in America, @Pearson, is the profit empire that #NCLB built. via @StephanieSimon_

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This article outlines how Pearson has won huge, no-bid contracts and profited even as our education budgets are slashed and schools are squeezed.

By sharing this article, we can help show how the “reform” mantra and the high-stakes testing culture created by No Child Left Behind have allowed companies like Pearson to reap huge profits from our public schools.

The so-called reformers preach test-based accountability with high-stakes consequences for educators, students, schools and districts. But while Pearson’s tests are used to hold kids back and punish teachers, Pearson is never held accountable when it fails to deliver.

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